Multimedia Designer

High Quality Design

High Quality design which Holds you on your ground when you look at it.

Made With Love

If you love your work, your work shine. I hope you see that Love which I put in.

Creative Dance

The world is getting faster and sometime to stop people on their feet, we need animated designs. call for more information

Best Practices

Design is not about sitting in front of the computer and doing Photoshop, but doing if efficiently to meet deadlines and faster outcomes.

My Story

My name is Raja Nouman Riaz. I am a multimedia designer by profession. I completed my Masters Degree in Multimedia Design in year 2010.

I have been working in the design field for more than 9 years. I started as a Graphics Artist and made my way to Lead Designer / Design Manger. I have worked in different disciplines of Design. I have been part of teams to resolve more difficult and demanding design problems. I have gained unique experience from working in TV stations to Mobile Game development, which gives me edge over other designers.

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My Interests

I love to create

When I was young, I love to doodle on white pages. I didn’t know where that would lead me. Its said if you love something do it, and, I am doing it. I love my profession. I love to challenge my self with unique design problem. I like to create, no, I love to create beautiful images.

I'm playing with design

Design is just an ordinary thing for some and when they create something they tend to stop. I like to play with my design. Change it twist it, erase it and re-do it. That forge a design which impressive to look at, interesting to see and sweet to eyes.

After Effects93%
3D Studio Max70%