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Aatish Design is a freelance design based service website. This is not only a showcase of my work, but also hub of different passionate designer who unite to build something great. The project here you see are only my individual projects but I welcome you to challenge me and league who can take up any project no mater the size.

Contact Information

Address: Dubai Tecome, Tameem House

Phone:+971 50 8304969

Recent Project

  • vlcsnap-2016-12-07-12h32m39s341
    Dewa Smart Application Design
  • vlcsnap-2016-12-07-13h18m17s392
    Tayseer DEWA smart payment
  • Sport_main_comp (00378)
    Sports Title 3D Motion Graphics
  • maincomp (00322)
    Weather Theme Title
  • main_comp (0-00-03-24)
    Channel ID – Test Animation
  • Comp 1 (00251)
    3D Motion Graphics
  • img_02
    Parallax Video Motion Graphics
  • Eid (00265)
    Eid Greeting Animation – 3D Maya and After Effects
  • veneers
    Veneers – Social Media Promotional Motion Graphics Video
  • clear_aligners
    Clear Aligner Quick Motion Graphics
  • ramadan_advert_01
    Quick Motion Graphics Animation for Social Media
  • xmas
    Xmas Advertisement
  • ben10
    Ben 10 Rainbow Milk Logo Formation
  • single_Frame
    Rainbow Milk Marketing Presentation
  • hki
    Eid ul Adha
  • bissan_event
    Bissan Event
    Logomation for The Knowledge Group
  • C-_Users_Nouman_Pictures_vlcsnap-2015-08-29-11h59m41s671
    ADIB Bank Video


For interesting motion graphics, modern design and fascinating animations. Please feel free to drop me a message or directly call me on the number above. I am located in Dubai, UAE. I provide services Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi for anyone who have extra work to finish but have no resources or no expertise.